1300 vs. 1800 numbers

Everything you need to know

1300/1800 numbers not only give your business a professional edge, make you sound like a large company, they can also let you create a memorable number for customers (e.g 1800 1JAMES).

1300/1800 numbers are 'virtual numbers' - they don't have their own physical phone line like the PSTN or ISDN lines in your phone system. Instead, when a customer dials a 1300 /1800 number, the call is routed (redirected by your phone provider) to a normal phone line and number of your choosing (either your business landline or a mobile).

Important to note

You can't dial out on a 1300 number or 1800 number - you must still use your normal phone lines (and account). 1300/1800 numbers also allow companies the option to own several different numbers (either 1300/1800 or a combination of both) and have them diverted to the same phone line, or the same company phone system.

For example:

KnS Trading is a woman's clothing import company that operates both wholesale and retail outlets. They advertise a separate 1800 number and business name for their wholesale and retail outlets - both numbers are redirected to the same head office.When a call comes in on these 1300 / 1800 numbers, the number the customer calls on flashes up on the screen, allowing the receptionist to answer the phone with the correct business name - be it wholesale or retail. This is incredibly important to the company's success, as the wholesale and retail divisions are kept very separate to customers.

Having different 1800 numbers also allows KnS Trading to collect monthly data that lets them analyse where customers are calling from around Australia.

What's the difference between 1300/1800?

With 1800 numbers the business pays for the call, meaning that it is completely free for the customer. A lot of customers are willing to call your business if they know it's a free call. This is why 1800 numbers are increasingly popular for advertising and marketing!

Alternatively, 1300 numbers mean the caller (customer) pays a local call rate for the first 5 minutes. If the phone call is longer than 5 minutes the business pays for the rest.

Here's Why EVERY Business Should Have A 1300/ 1800 Number...

  • You can keep the same business phone number for the life of your business no matter where you move to in Australia.
  • Shows potential customers that you're not just a "local" business.
  • Give your business a larger, more professional image.
  • Can be answered at any fixed or mobile phone location in Australia.
  • You don't need any extra phone lines.

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