Refurbished Alcatel IP Touch 4038 Handset [Urban Grey]

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The Alactel 4038 IP Touch handset is second in line to the flagship 4068 IP Phone.

Alcatel IP Touch 4038 Handset [Urban Grey]

The Alcatel series shows you new, modern and professional digital phones in terms of audio quality, esthetics, communications productivity and ease of use.

The Alcatel 4038 IP Telephone is is the third phone from the Alcatel 8-series of user friendly IP Touch Telephones. Ideal for the modern IP office, the 4038 IP full duplex hands free alphanumeric keyboard phone is designed to provide a wide range of program feature options, and promotes access to the large system menu through a sophisticated 4 gray shade graphic browser.

Adjustable graphical 4-gray level display
Display Detail: 100 x 160 pixels
Display Size: 78 x 51mm
Alphabetic keyboard
4 direction navigator
Hands free
Best quality loudspeaker and microphones
Comfort handset with soft grip and hearing aid
Headset jack
Application openness
2 Ethernet ports
IEEE 802.1af fully compliant (Class 2)
Software downloadable

Cleaned, Serviced and Tested. New Line and Curly Cord. 12 Months replacement warranty. Ready for immediate express delivery

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