Phone Systems FAQs:

Q: How does Infiniti assess what telephone solutions are best for our business model?

A: Whether you email us, or free call 1300 794 095, our consultants adopt a proven and methodical process to guarantee you the right solution or your money back!

It covers staff requirements, company needs, future needs, mobility, cutting costs and much more. It’s why our solutions are so successful

Q: How can I be sure that the solution you offer is really the best one for our business?

A: We offer a 14 day money back guarantee, the only in the industry!!

Unlike other phone companies where there are no guarantees – Infiniti takes all the risk for your peace of mind. Read more about our 14 day money back guarantee.

Q: How do I know what telephone system to choose?

A: You don’t. This is why we give you choice with a huge selection of Australia’s leading brands – Alcatel, Aria, Avaya, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung…. (Download a copy of our free phone system buyers guide).

Different phone systems have different strengths, weaknesses, features and costs. (Look at a comparison table to see what we mean) The right solution is the one that compliments your specific needs and budget best. This is where our team’s phone system knowledge and experience makes a huge difference.

Q: How reliable is Infiniti and the telephone solutions you offer?

A: Apart from our unmatched 14 day Money back guarantee, you are also covered by full manufacturers warranties which range from 12 months to 3 years and cover defective parts.

Infiniti also offers a Premium Protection Plan for the ultimate protection and insurance for your phone system. This covers labor/service fees outside the warranty as well as guaranteed response times and service level agreements. Read more about our Premium Protection Plan.

Q: Why should I buy a phone solution from Infiniti?

A: Infiniti Offers:

Infiniti is leading the way in communications for very good reasons. Get your next phone system from Infiniti and you’ll also experience absolute peace of mind.

Q: Can I manage the telephone system myself for simply changes changing staff lists, speed dial numbers etc?

A: Infiniti is one of the few companies that actually provide our customers with their own administration software (depending on the phone system this may require extra parts).

This allows you to make basic adds moves and changes when you want - at NO CHARGE! If you need us beyond that we’re always here to help.

Q: What happens to the programming on the system if we have a major power blackout?

A: Most phone systems will be OK - phone systems are like mini PC’s so they have small hard-drives which store all the data.

If you are worried you can also purchase an uninterrupted power supply with your system. This way if your area is prone to blackouts etc your system will never go down.

Q: What about upgrades to the telephone system when my business grows or when my needs change?

A: When we tailor a solution for you we allow for future growth. As your company grows, so can the system, without needing costly changeovers.

Q: If I have any problems with my new phone system, how do I get it fixed?

A: Just give us a call on 1300 794 095, or email

Let us know what the problem is, when you first experienced it and who is the best person to deal with in your company to liasie with our technical department. EASY!

Q: How quickly will my order be delivered and new system installed?

A: Once we have your agreement form our work begins. The entire process takes 7-14 working days as we are very thorough. This is why we are prepared to offer our unmatched guarantees.

If you need a system quicker just ask.

Q: What guarantees do you offer with all your products and installations?

A: All the products we supply and install are covered by full manufacturer’s warranties (1 – 3 years).

Infiniti also offers our unmatched 14 day Money back guarantee on phone systems and headsets. With Infiniti you’ll never be stuck with the wrong product! Read more about our 14 day Money back guarantee.

Q: What experience do your technicians have in installing telephone systems?

A: The technicians installing your solution are hand picked, fully accredited and authorized, and have extensive hands on experience with whichever brand you choose.

They are polite, punctual, and will ensure you system gets installed in a hassle free and timely manner. Read more about our phone technicians.

Our proven job flow is thorough and ensures your system is programmed exactly how you want from day 1.

Read more about our JOB FLOW

Q: Are cordless phones more expensive and less reliable?

A: Cordless phones in general are typically cheaper, but they have limited abilities… with traditional cordless phone once you transfer a call to a cordless phone the call is basically stuck there (you can’t transfer it back or put the caller on hold) – your other option is a full-DECT solution which allows you to transfer calls and place them on hold but it is a more expensive option.

Q: Can I make conference calls from our system and if so how do I set it up?

A: Conference calls are really easy on most phone systems. If it is important to your business you will be shown during your hands on professional training for the phone system.

Q: What training and support do you offer on using the new system and understanding the functions it offers?

A: When you choose Infiniti you choose a full support service. Initially you will receive a FREE basic system training showing you how to operate the system, transfer calls, put people on hold etc etc. However, we also offer a fully tailored training program to suit your needs.

The advanced training really gets deep into the system, showing you how to do the more valuable things like add/moves/changes and basic programming functions, a worthy investment at a small fee.

Q: How many of my staff will be trained on the new system?

A: You can have as many staff as you like, present at the basic training session. They just need to be present on the day the session takes place, which is directly after the system is installed.

Q: If I want to extend beyond the standard training offered can this be arranged?

A: Absolutely, just ask our customer service team and we can arrange a session usually they run for 1 hour to 3 hours, depending on your needs.

Q: Is it easy for us to update the voice mail messaging on our system?

A: Yes, you will be shown this as part of the introduction training session and it is also in the manual you received as part of your Welcome Kit.

Q: Do we need to purchase a message on hold service or is this available as part of our solution?

A: This really depends on what phone system you selected, sometimes it’s a free (included) service and sometimes it is not, just ask your account manager what applies to your chosen solution.

Q: What interruptions will our business face during the installation process of a new system?

A: In general your phone lines will be down for up to 30mins, but the technician can always redirect the calls during that period to a staff member’s mobile phone, so that no calls will be missed. With today’s technology and Infiniti’s installation experience there is no impact on your business.

Q: What other communications solutions does Infiniti offer?

A: At Infiniti we are a one stop shop.
We have solutions for most communication requirements: