Fixed Wireless/Cellular Terminals/GSM Gateways

Discover how easy it is to save $1000’s.

If you have a fleet of mobile phones or are constantly calling the same staff mobiles then GSM Gateways have the potential to slash $1000’s off your phone bill!

How does it work?

How do GSM gateways actually work?

Fixed Wireless Terminals are basically boxes with SIM cards in them like your mobile phone (without the keypad and screen). They connect directly to your phone system via normal ISDN or PSTN phone lines. You then program your phone system (Least Cost Routing (LCR)) so that when you make calls to your fleet etc that the phone call goes out through this GSM Gateway.

So how does this save money?

Most mobile fleet plans give you either:

  • Free calls between the fleet; or,
  • Highly discounted calls between the fleet
  • This is what the FTM gateways capitalize on. It means that when you pick up a normal office phone you now only pay the same rate as if you were using a fleet mobile phone. This will save you up to 100% of your call costs to your fleet and can save you $1000’s. It’s so easy.

It also means that your staff no longer have to use their mobiles for cheap calls and when they forget you don’t end up paying for it! It also means that staff can now also put callers on hold, transfer them to other staff and it’s still free!

Here’s a practical example:

ABC Transport is a nationwide delivery company, with 46 drivers on the road daily. Before connecting several GSM Gateways to their phone system, their monthly calls from head office to driver’s mobiles were expensive and a huge part of their monthly phone bill. Now they get all the benefits of their fleet plans free mobile to mobile calls for the first 10 mins through their phone system. By connecting their GSM Gateways, ABC Transport is saving over $10,000 annually on their phone bill.

Thousands of companies are already taking advantage of the huge savings GSM Gateways offer. It’s easy to add on to any existing phone system and with the right plan you’ll receive free calls to your mobiles! Plus, your GSM system can pay for itself within 3 – 6 months.

Contact our experienced consultants to find out more about GSM gateways and whether this solution is right for your business.

Some technical stuff for those interested …

The GSM gateways do not actually require you to have an extra PSTN or ISDN phone line rental. This is simply how FWT communicates and connects with your phone system. You will however need a spare ISDN or PSTN connection within your phone system.

Fixed Wireless Terminals & Wireless Terminals are also known as:

  • Basic Phone Service Emulator
  • Portable dial tone service
  • GSM Interface
  • PABX Mobile Interface
  • Mobile phone you connect to your pabx
  • Mobile gateway
  • Cellular gateway
  • Wireless Gateway
  • Telular Fixed wireless terminal
  • Phonecell
  • GSM Dialer
  • GSM Gateway
  • GSM Gateways
  • GSM Terminal
  • GSM Terminals
  • Fixed Cellular Terminal
  • Fixed Wireless Terminal
  • FCT/ FWT
  • Wireline Office
  • Wireline Replacement
  • Wireless Office
  • Wireless Phone service
  • Portable Cellular Access