Getting New Phone Lines

We can organise everything

If the thought of getting stuck on the phone with Telstra for hours to organise your new phone lines makes you cringe - let us do it for you.

Whether you're :

  • Moving to a new site and are not sure what's needed
  • Expanding and need to install new phone lines and then connect them to your phone system
  • Completely bamboozled by the technical jargon or simply
  • Not sure where to start...

We can help!

Deciding which phone lines are right for your needs can be time consuming and confusing - there's PSTN, ISDN2, Primary Rate and then the choice of whether you need 1300/1800 numbers as well.

We'll remove the guesswork and help you understand the difference between PSTN, ISDN, primary rates and everything else you need to know. Next we'll spell out your options plain and simple so you get the best solution for your business. Then we'll organise your phone lines with Telstra, so you don't have to waste your time on hold.

Whether you're looking for a couple of extra phone lines or complete site relocation, we'll make it easy for you.

From start to finish, we're your one stop telecommunications shop. We specialise in used phone systems, new phone systems, finance, installation , cheap phone calls and everything else your business requires to get you the best phone solution.