PSTN Lines

PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) phone lines or analogue lines still account for the majority of business services in Australia.  They are the same basic lines that 95% of people have in their homes.

Like all types of phone lines, PSTN Lines allow you to make and receive calls. 

It is important to note that you also need PSTN phone lines broadband (and fax services if you want to run your fax separately from your phone system.  PSTN lines are great for small business because you only pay for what you need (unlike ISDN2).  For example, if you need only 3 lines, you would only request and pay for 3 phone lines; if you need 7 phone lines, you only need to pay for 7 etc.

Key Benefits with PSTN:

  • Ultra reliable communication service
  • Cost effective
  • Can keep your existing phone system hardware if you are only looking for adding lines
  • Local calls from as little as 10 cents
  • Infiniti’s PSTN Line Rental starts at $32 per month
  • Calls to any mobile Network from 25 cents per minute