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Notice that your current carrier hasn’t told you about VoIP? That’s because VoIP is a secret that Telstra and the others don’t want you to know about!

Old fashioned phone lines, are incredibly profitable and generate over 40% of their total revenue– it’s no wonder that they haven’t been shouting the merits of VoIP in all their advertising!

Check out our VoIP rates below and speak to one of our expert consultants about how you can get VoIP on a Used Phone System, to start saving today.

VoIP & Used Phone Systems

Did you know, you don't actually need to buy a brand-new top of the line IP PBX phone system to enjoy the phone bill savings you can get with VoIP?

A simple and cost-effective device, referred to as an ATA Switch, will easily allow you to connect any phone system to VoIP SIP trunks, allowing you to start saving today with the reduced phone call rates below.

Just contact one of our expert consultants about connecting VoIP to your existing or a used phone system via an ATA today.

VoIP Phone Call Rates

Why choose us for your VoIP Phone System

  • Choice:Huge range of the world’s leading VoIP brands.
  • Confidence: Quality service from a trusted, proven VoIP provider.
  • Cost savings: Reduce fixed line costs and increase efficiency.
  • Consistency: Every day low prices on all VoIP phone systems
  • Support: Experienced, local support team
  • Simplicity: VoIP technology explained in plain English, not jargon
  • Convenience: Easy payment options
  • Mobility: Answer and make calls on your business number anywhere around Australia and the world where you can access your internet provider!