What is VoIP?

If you’re looking for a phone system you’ve probably come across VoIP. So what is it all about? VoIP is short for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ and it is simply a type of technology that transmits phone calls over the internet as opposed to physical Telstra lines. This means you don’t need cables – only an internet connection. As a result various VoIP carriers are able to offer much cheaper rates than traditional phone carriers because they are not having to wholesale through Telstra.

From a users perspective there can be no difference between using a VoIP phone and a normal phone. All you do is dial and speak into the handset as you would on a normal type of phone line. Your voice is then split up into little ‘packets’ of data (just like an email) and this data is reassembled at the call’s destination. It may sound complex but if it done properly it is instantaneous and users will experience little or no loss of call quality.

Why are some VoIP calls really bad quality?

When VoIP is done on the cheap, or a business is trying to use what is really an inferior home service and not designed to cope with normal business demands then users can experience very poor call quality and even line drop outs. This is not a reflection on the technology but rather the poor service the person has elected to go with. Done properly with business grade technology, VoIP can save you a fortune and be absolutely brilliant.

Can VoIP work with Used Phone Systems?

Someone trying to sell you a new phone system may say that VoIP won’t work on used phone systems. This is simply not true. You can get cheap VoIP calls on any system (no matter how old). You simply have to use a different type of VoIP connection to make it happen.

What used phone systems don’t always offer is VoIP technology within the system itself. This allows users to have features like linking multiple sites or connecting remote workers back to the phone system. For about 90% of small and medium business owners this is not relevant anyway.

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